ETIII NH Implant

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ETIII NH Implant


Our ETIII NH Implant from our ET System builds on the line’s Sand-blasted and Acid-etched (SA) surface combined with a unique bioresorbable apatite Nano Coating that helps ensure optimal treatment outcomes with every implant you place. Produced by our in-house research and development team, this implant continues our goal of providing safe, effective and high-quality implants to dentists across the globe.


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At Hiossen® Implant, our ETIII NH Implant offers a high success rate for patients with poor- or high-quality bone, as well as shorter surgery times because of its innovative design, which removes unnecessary implantation steps.

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Advantages of the ETIII NH Implant

With our ETIII NH Implant, you and your patients are given several benefits due to its unique nanolayer of bio-resorbable apatite coating, which has super hydrophilic properties.

Benefits of this nano-coated implant surface — compared to an SA implant — and hydrophilic traits include:

Because the ETIII NH Implant improves osteointegration, it also boosts healing times. This increase builds on the ability of our SA implants in the ET System, which provides a 20% faster bone healing time than implants with a Resorbable Blast Media (RBM) surface.


ETIII NH Implant Surface


Additional advantages of our ETIII NH Implant include:

Since this super hydrophilic implant is a dry implant, it’s also storable outside of an aqueous solution, which makes stock management easier.

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