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A-Graft, Xenograft Bone Graft


A-Graft, short for xenograft bone graft, is a DBB (Deproteinized Bovine Bone) dental bone graft material. Unlike synthetic bone graft dental material made in a lab, A-Graft is produced from bovine sources. As a result, A-Graft features a porous structure very similar to human bone.

A-GRAFT is the xenograft most similar to human bone

This porosity helps allow the body’s natural bone-building factors to flow through the graft and integrate the materials, improving osteoconduction and biocompatibility.


  • With incredible porosity similar to human bone and large surface area, the A-Graft bone graft allows the body’s natural bone-forming cells to penetrate the graft and proliferate on surfaces.
  • Improved porosity and surface area mean A-Graft material integrates more predictably, aiding in the dental bone graft procedure.
  • The A-Graft provides excellent structural stability for space maintenance and scaffolding, meaning the graft is less likely to collapse.
  • Oral bacteria are less attracted to A-GRAFT material, significantly reducing the risk of inflammation and infection, both of which can negatively impact a dental bone graft procedure.

On top of these benefits, A-Graft is backed by Hiossen® Implants’ expertise in the field of dental bone grafting as well as our dedication to dental health. We’ve invested years and countless resources on each one of our dental surgery solutions and the A-Graft is no exception. With this and other products from Hiossen, clinicians can give their patients the new smile they need and desire.


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Hiossen Implant offers A-Graft dental bone graft material along with a variety of other products, like dental surgery kits and implant fixtures. We also provide several personalized customer assistance services to help clinicians master the use of Hiossen Implant products, including in-office surgical mentoring, accredited dental continuing education courses, and on-call local support services. At Hiossen, we can guarantee you get everything you need to give your patients a new smile that lasts a lifetime. Learn more about our products and services today by contacting us and speaking with a sales representative.

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