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Parallel Guide Surgical Kit

Parallel Guide Surgical Kit

This unique kit from Hiossen® Implant is designed to make implant locating and directing more straightforward without the use of a surgical stent. Featuring several guiding tools, this kit makes it easier to place implants accurately every time.


  • The kit allows the clinician to set implant locations and directions more easily using a combination of single and bridge guides, improving precision.
  • The Parallel guide kit can be used for numerous surgical cases, including single and bridge cases.


Kit Components:

Parallel Guide Surgical Kit Components


Parallel Guide Surgical Kit Diagrams


Like all Hiossen Implant kits, each Parallel Guide kit is backed by our assistance services. Our personalized services include in-office surgical mentoring for lab procedures, continuing education, and on-call local support services in every major city in the United States. With our services, clinicians can master the use of the Parallel guides kit more quickly, regardless of how familiar they are with guided dental surgery.


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With Hiossen Implant, you can help your patients get new smiles that last a lifetime. Learn more about Hiossen and our guided dental surgery kits by contacting us today.

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