Recruiting Procedure

Our Hiring Process

business goals


Find Candidates

  • Requisition Management
  • Career Portal
  • Applicant Intake
  • Resume Intake
  • Internet Sourcing


Qualify Candidates

  • Pre-screening
  • Screening
  • Assessments and Testing
  • Interviewing & Interview Coordination
  • Employment Branding


Hire Employees

  • Final Interview Management
  • Offer Management
  • Reference Checks
  • Pre-Hire Assessments and Testing


On-Board Employees

  • Background Checks & Drug Screens
  • I-9 Verification
  • WOTC Management
  • Record/Paperwork Management
  • Third-Party Vendor Management


HR specific requirements

  • Hiring Manager Identifies Need/submits request to hire form to HR
  • HR approves or rejects request to hire and notifies HM of decision
  • If Approved, HR to post position/if a new position it will be posted internally and externally
  • Resumes to be sourced/screened by HR and properly documented
  • After resume screening HR to conduct phone screen/interview
  • If candidate passes phone screen, in person interview with hiring manager will be scheduled
  • HR will notify the HM of candidate and submit resume to HM and date to interview
  • After interview HM to complete interview evaluation form and submit to HR
  • If candidate selected for hire, HR to begin hiring process, if not selected for hire, HR to send regret letter