Esset Surgical Kit

Easy-To-Learn Ridge Split Technique

Esset Drill Kit

The Esset Kit, short for Easy Safe Stable Expanding and Tapping Kit, is a dental ridge split kit that offers an alternative solution for placing implants in patients with narrow alveolar ridges. While conventional methods use mallets and chisels to split ridges, the Esset kit accomplishes the same results with greater safety and predictability.



Benefits of our Esset Kit include:

  • The Esset dental bone spreader kit involves an easy-to-follow surgical sequence that is more controllable and predictable than other ridge split tools for dentists, making it safer and more comfortable for patients.
  • Split and expanded bone tends to result in better recovery times than simple bone grafting, improving patient satisfaction.
  • The Esset kit sequence and tools were developed over the course of 10 years to minimize bone fractures, improving the stability of ridge split dental implants.



Esset Kit Features

Our Esset kit is perfect for you if you need any of these added features:

  • Crest Removers: These are used for the horizontal modification of the crestal bone, coming in two sizes for differing results.
  • Twist Drills: These drills are used for initial drilling in the ridge splitting process, and comes with markings to help monitor drill depth.
  • Saw: This small saw is used for ridge modification and splitting.
  • Set Drill: The set of drills are used in sequence to split and expand the crestal bone to the desired

The kit also includes a mount extension, torque wrench, and depth gauge. Each of these tools is backed by Hiossen® Implant’s expertise as a dental bone expander manufacturer. Our dedication to dental health has led us to devote years and countless resources to the research and development of tools that aid in processes like the ridge splitting technique.


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